Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Seventeen Again

Well the mullet has been slaughtered and I now look like I did at 17. Let's move right along... the WB talent show The Starlet. I was devastated to watch Cecile's elimination, because she's South African. Okay, and because she's tall and blonde and stunning. But mainly 'cos she's from Pretoria. And blonde and stunning. Ag shame, as we'd say back home. I hope she does continue however, as she does have great potential. I guess it would be a little "off" if a foreigner were to win a competition to discover America's next darling soapie princess. I just hope the arrogant pixie Katie doesn't take it. I'd like Merecedes to take it, but I think Michelynne deserves the win.

Oh God. Listen to me. I'm sitting in my apartment writing passionately about what is essentially a beauty pageant with a little acting thrown in. Even worse- it's a reality show. Aaargh! What have I become? And the real question: "How long have I been this way?!"

Wait a minute, I'm allowed to watch this stuff. I'm 17 today, right? I'm The Starlet's target audience, OKAY?

(Alright, it's not okay. But at least I'm admitting I have a problem. And that is the first step...)

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