Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Life Imitating Schlokk

Many actors I know have the occasional performance nightmare. I mean that literally - a bad dream that revolves around a performance. Typically it's the on-stage variety. My own version has me waking up (or suddenly become aware of being) on-stage, naked, behind a couch. There's no way to sneak off stage without being seen and, while I could just wait for the play to end, I realize that my cue is coming up and I will have to deliver my lines! Fortunately, the dream ends before I have to make a scary decision (no doubt a relief for both actor and audience).

Last night was a double helping of anxiety. I dreamed that the horror movie "Train" I was in, was actually real. This is a first, mind you. Movies hadn't previously crossed over into my sleep world. I found myself tortured and on the run from a bunch of crazies. Not terribly pleasant, as you might imagine. (You'd imagine vividly if you happen to have seen the actual film, in which case you have my apologies)

Cut to: me racing on stage to beat the rapidly unfurling curtains for a performance of Not the Midnight Mass, an a capella group I was once a part of. I don't know which number we're starting with. Graham blows the pitch pipe and I'm desperately trying to guess the song. Somehow I'm able to pick up the number, but there's choreography too - and I haven't got a damn clue where to move. I manage to exit from the front of the stage - actually, I fall off the edge and plop to the floor. It gets a laugh, so I play it off by making a real effort to climb back up, as if it's Mt Everest. Eventually one of the cast lowers a chair next to me, so I relent and, throwing my arms in the air for the benefit of the gag, shuffle over to the chair and climb back up.

After the show, I hear myself telling the others "Well that actually wasn't that bad". But as I'm hearing it, I'm thinking "Are you insane?! It was bloody awful!" Thankfully, that's where it all ends. Or perhaps it became so excrutiatingly embarrassing, I've had to blot it out. Either way, it begs the question: Why did I bleach my hair? And why the crazy dreams? I suppose stress that you're not channeling will manifest in one way or another. Some people break things. I have dreams about being broken. Curious that they were both acting dreams, but after a quiet spell, I think that's just me, keen to return to work.

Tonight I hope to dream of a sandy beach, with the gentle sounds of lapping waves. Mmmm....a beautiful beach. A few gulls chatter overhead. It's warm, but the cool breeze makes it perfect. There's a scent of seaweed mixed with coconut. I'm drifting off to sleep within sleep.

And then I hear the wolves...


  1. It is true that when you don't channel your thoughts and worries correctly, you end up dreaming about them. It's a pretty common thing, and maybe you've developed a small fear of the stage? :)) doubtful maybe, but possible.;3

    And...regarding being chased by crazies...maybe you have a fear your fans will go bonkers and...yeah, I won't continue that train of thought :))

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  3. trying to guess the next song graham is pitch piping brings back a horrible 7th grade memory of waking up from a DAYdream in class, and the nun is going student to student asking them for a number, number for what? rating something, what? can't ask-worse trouble-I'm in the back, last row- closer, closer, can't ask anyone, talking in class- worse trouble- what number? what do I say!!!!!

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  7. I stumbled on to your blog quite fortuitously, and loved this entry about dreamscapes and how they tie in with one's own frailties, fears and weaknesses. However, and this is the crux of my comment: many a times, dreams intrude especially when you are most tired and expecting a deep, dreamless sleep. Towards dawn, your quota of that dreamless state is over, and you slip into vivid dreaming where the dream world looks like the real one and you respond to it with adrenaline, sweat, tension and so on. Hence, one step towards avoiding this may be to assure yourself of some rest time in the day, so that natural sleep intervenes in the night.

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  20. Hi Gid - just received the email you sent via my blog mentioning your narrating my book My Name is Nathan Lucius, and then I find this... I kid you not, you, Alan, Graham, Christine and Jenny sang at my wedding at Grand Roche here in SA back in the day. Who knows, maybe I'll bump into Ryan Gosling today. Haven't heard the audiobook yet, can't wait to now!

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