Sunday, July 19, 2009

Socks in Crocs

Went to the Coldplay concert last night, which was fantastic. We were in the pit, so got a great view of the band. I also got a great view of one of the patrons leaving wearing crocs with socks, which is never a good look. And an excellent view of another gent heaving his guts out 2 feet behind me. Personally, I didn't think the concert was that bad, but I guess people have different tastes.

Speaking of crocs (the chomping kind), you can catch me in killer croc movie Primeval on FX, today at 1pm and 7pm. And I'm in Creepy Gid repeats on CSI:NY on Tuesday at 1pm and 5pm. Without repeats, I'd just be repeating myself, in that I have nothing else to report. Although I did discover a store in Pasadena which sells, amongst other oddities, stone hands, scarab beetles and a stuffed beaver. Quite why you would want one or all of the above is beyond me, but, for the man/woman who has everything, I know a place...

Come to think of it, I have always wanted a stuffed crow. Since I was a kid, I dreamed of owning one. Why stuffed? So it wouldn't fly away, have to be fed or mess on the floor. Perhaps these are commitment issues. Perhaps simply a small window into the mind of a creepy young man who would grow up to play creepy roles on television and film. Perhaps...perhaps.


  1. Did I miss it? Or do you have yet to divulge to us what you were doing in Miami?

  2. Did you know that crows can talk? Some people even split their tongues so that they sound clearer, but I always considered that cruel. Crows are also known as a "murder" instead of a "flock". A "murder of crows" was given them because they tend to flock and kill that which is dying, e.g. sheep, cows, rabbits, deer..etc. Intelligent, beautiful cousins I have but rather vicious! 'Tis said that death and beauty are close cousins... *wink

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