Sunday, May 17, 2009

Klingons and Corpses

There are many strange and interesting sights on offer in a town such as Hollywood. Today, I offer you a glimpse of but two. Strolling to my local coffee shop, I passed this gentleman, lying sprawled on the sidewalk. Still recovering from a heavy night of drinking, no doubt. Returning home an hour or so later, the man was still prone and passed out. Or possibly dead. He did fit the very stereotype of a chalk-outlined corpse. And in that, I took some solace. If he was really expired, I am sure his position would have been far more ghastly.

The following day, en route to watch a certain film, I was accosted by 3 peculiarly dressed thugs. They were speaking in foreign tongue and brandishing weapons. As I passed by, they became aware of my presense. (Although, I suspect they were aware of me all along) I surreptitiously snapped this photo, before moving on. Only in the comfort of my home, hours later, did it hit me. These men were undoubtedly responsible for the sprawled man's demise!

Phew. Another lucky escape. You gotta watch Hollywood, people. Turn your back for a second and it'll stab you with a spork.


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  2. Those three must have thought the other man was an alien in disguise. Apparently they didn't find your creepiness of much threat. Lucky you. You may want to change your appearance though, just in case. I think the last thing you want is to get stabbed by a blunt spork. It hurts.

    (My computer was being evil and going through it's daily routine of PMS and deleted the first comment... The Klingons are coming for my computer! o.0)

  3. Hm, good to know if something happens to me and my body is left unconscious in the street in LA, that someone will care about my welfare enough to move me to the sidewalk.

    I think I'm sticking to smaller cities. Although there are Klingons here too.