Sunday, April 13, 2008

Penguins and Sinise

What can be more satisfying than sharing your chocolate milk with a true friend? Even if that friend is of the stuffed and feathered variety.

I saw this (nameless) gentleman recently, snacking away while his pet penguin (also nameless) looked on. It begged more than a few questions. Was he going to feed the penguin or cruelly scoff everything himself? Does he ever bathe the bird? (It did look decidedly grubby) And, perhaps most importantly, are penguins permitted on table tops?

Whether it was too timid of its owner, in shock at the environment, or (more likely) dead, I will never know, but the penguin remained quite still and silent. More remarkable when one considers the bird had a chick to nourish. I returned to my tap-tapping on my laptop, only to look up later and find both bird(s) and keeper were gone. Perhaps they left in search of more tasty treats, fled security, or were merely a figment of my warped brain. Oh wait - the photo...

On a less intruiging note, I landed a guest starring role on CSI: New York which, coincidentally, films in LA. Less coicidentally, I played a creepy bad guy. The casting breakdown listed my role as "leathery skin and dangerous looking". A few more of these roles and I must surely be up for a Bond villain - or at the very least, "creepy bad guy" on CSI: Miami. Leads Gary Sinise and Eddie Cahill were a pleasure to work with.

Well that's my week. Now all I need is a bottle of Nesquik, a beard and a penguin...


  1. LOL... Did anyone notice the "poultry" sign in the background of the picture? Hmm..stuffed penguin with chocolate milk, that'd make for an interesting new menu item at Carl's Jr! LOL :)
    Tsk tsk tsk...Why vie for the vicious, vile villian; instead play the venturous, victorious valiant or the vexed, virtuous victim?!

  2. Penguin cruelty, I tell ya!

    It's just proper manners to give your penguin a chair and a decent meal.
    See here for a picture of a well cared for penguin.

    You should report him to Penguin Protective Services.

  3. Hahaha. funny comments indeed. thanks for the pic, mzhartz - we may need to put that bird on the treadmill!

  4. Hey Gid

    Congrats on CSI - Well done boet...
    I check out ya site and blog occasionally to see what u up 2. Looking good mate. Really happy 4 u.
    Take care,
    Sean M.

  5. CSI: NY! That's so exciting... do you know when it'll be airing?

    I'm fairly sure it's entirely permissible for a penguin to be on a tabletop if you're outdoors. Inside it would probably be faux pas...

  6. The penguin was probably frozen from terror. After all, that huge furry thing was eating the man's face...

    I frequent your blog just to see what you've had to say of late and when I need a smile. What I have to say is that you are a very humorous person and I only have to read your thoughts on this and that to laugh. After all, I doubt any lesser person would think nothing of seeing a penguin and its chick sharing lunch with a man.

  7. LOL the guy and his penguin buddy. They look totally blissed out eating their lunch together.

    Congrats on CSI!