Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Primeval hits theaters this Friday!

The adventure thriller I worked on last year gets a Jan 12 release, bumped up from its original April date. I play the English scientist Matt Collins. Do I make it out alive? You'll have to see it to find out... Hehehe. Once it's going, it's a helluva ride that doesn't let up. And it's shot in beautiful South Africa, so come on - check it out when it hits your town.

There are a few trailers running around, not to mention a billboard and poster blitz in LA. Here's a taste...


  1. You know.. I have only heard of this movie once from a friend. Never really thought bout it till now, but now that I look at some of the clips its looks good. Great job! hrmm acting.. thats the one thing I don't think I could ever pick up. Lol. even if my mom teaches it. I've always been one of those props and technical people. (Well, for the things at my nothing big and fancy).. now that I think about it..I know why I never want to act. Once I was in a play for the theater center in my city and we had practice everyday from right after school to midnight or later for a couple of weeks. I have a low immune system so I got extremely sick.(I have a phobia of being sick not to mention OCD) so I was scared into doing that ever again. This is one reason why I respect actors.(especially sucessful ones like yourself). Well keep posting so I can rant about something else. Lol I type a lot to get things off my mind if you haven't noticed. Well I'm out~

  2. Great to see your face in the movies, Gideon! Thanks again for the Q&A experience. We all had a terrific time!

    Your friends at Square Haven

  3. First horror flick to pique my interest in years, and you're in it. Are you funny? Do you sing? I'll just have to find out myself.