Saturday, November 4, 2006

This is not the Lion King.

It was Halloween.

I carved a pumpkin.

This is my pumpkin.

I also visited the swarming mass of costumed folly that was Santa Monica Blvd. I followed (quite by accident) a g-stringed pair of buttocks and feathered angel wings into the merry throng. Even though I wasn't wearing a g-string myself, I felt horribly underdressed. There were men on stilts, squatting goblins, more than a few bees, an enormous tooth, V from Vendetta, a couple of Borats and our friends Cliff and Collette came as plug and socket. And yes, there were about half a million others, including 4 cops around a realistic looking cop car. Bit of a lame outfit, I thought. But then, they were real cops. I only came dressed as Gideon. And that's seriously lame.

Oh yeah. I should mention (and indeed just have) that I have a YouTube identity. Here's the link to my daft vids:
Link to my daft vids

Check out The Incredible Breakfast Band. It is incredibly silly.

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  1. haha this is chohakkaii after i found your youtube i found this post... which makes me feel like i did all that searching for nothing ROLF oh well... hey i have a question!..ill post it on youtube!

    fare thee well!