Sunday, May 21, 2006

Latest Snap

Filming in Ladysmith has been a challenge. Night shoots outside in bitter cold. But we're getting there slowly. Returning to Cape Town for studio work and then heading back to LA-LA. Yesterday I shot at Croc World in Scottburgh. Got to hold a baby, too, which was fantastic. Little (35lbs) guy didn't struggle much and proved more of a pro than some actors, hitting his mark every time. So he didn't have any lines and, hey - I carried him to his mark, but still... A pleasure to work with. Kept to himself, but not moody. Quiet and contemplative, focussed on his performance, and not craft service. Or maybe he was focussed on me and taking my face off. Hard to say, really. Like me, he's not the talkative type...


  1. Hope you're having a blast! Crickey... that's a beauty you're holding!
    Deb is in SA too. Her dad passed away so she's spending some time with her mom.
    Take care and I hope the rest of the shoot goes well

  2. Yo Gid!
    Glad to see ya shoot went well. I'd love to know all about it - mail me some time...
    I heard that Dominic is quite an "interesting" person to work with :-) :-)
    Great finally catching up with u in CT mate.
    Take care.