Friday, March 17, 2006

Would I were the T-shirt on that Chimp!

It's sad when the chimp gets an invite to the premiere and the human doesn't. It's incapacitatingly tragic when the same chimp shares an embrace with Natalie Portman.

Here's a snap of Portman at the Showest convention in Vegas. The chimp in Coke garb is obviously tied to the student AD I was in, "The Reel Monkey" (see earlier post, below). Damn! I can wear T-shirts too, you know. Even Coke ones. I mean, heck - I even wear a Coca-Cola cap most days, which, incredibly, I bought in Vegas at the Coke museum! And I speak English, just like Natalie. A coincidence? I think not.

I'm disappointed, people. Nat-Nat could've been picking fleas from MY scalp. But no, send a monkey to do a man's job. Well, mark my words. That chimp's gonna pay. Yeah, they'll have a little fling. It'll be all trees and berry bliss. But it won't last. They'll run out of things to talk about. He'll forget to put the seat back down. One day he'll reach out his hairy forearm for a banana, or lean in for a smelly kiss and BOOM! She'll dump him.

And when she does, I'll be waiting in the wings...

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  1. Stephen Jarrett: "You mean that isn't you? I thought you had even shaved...a little."