Wednesday, February 8, 2006

The Fantasy Begins

Started work last week, voicing a character for the latest Final Fantasy video game. What a project! Great team of people and an extensive game environment, complete with multiple in-game movies. The animation is incredible. Will post more when I can. The game should be out in the US in May this year.


  1. Great.

    I wonder whether your character that you're voicing will have a South African accent?

  2. I'm playing the game right now and I have to say: your voice acting was not a single bit short of amazing.

    Balthier has to be one of my favourite characters in all the series. Second favourite to be precise. Can you really blame a guy in having Fran as number one? :P

  3. I absolutly Loved that game. The story was amazing the game play was incredible and Baltheir game the game a bit of some comedy.