Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Here's to you, buddy!

Had my good buddy from South Africa, Jason, in town for a week. Discovered I still have the stamina for consecutive all nighters (just not the impetus). We did the LA budget tour- Venice beach (crazy person mecca), Santa Monica pier (lithe bladers), Dodgers baseball (sorely beaten), Walk of Fame (grubby), karaoke @ Lava Lounge (scintillating), 80s clubbing @ The Ruby (nostalgic), rooftop jacuzzi (must get those photos destroyed), played pool (we won- though we were playing different rules- ahem). Here's to you, old man. The oldest man to travel on Contiki. But still - the youngest oldest man to travel on Contiki they've ever known! Oh- and no, that's not his resting face. That's what we all look like after finishing a Carl's Jnr burger. See you soon, my friend...

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